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Tricky course conditions at the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats have once again proved challenging during the latest stage of the Triumph Motorcycles Land Speed Record attempt. With clear sun and virtually no wind, rider Guy Martin set off from mile marker 9 to record his FIM-required certification run.

Setting off smoothly, Guy was making good power in mile one when the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner lost traction on a damp section of the salt surface, causing the rear of the machine to step out of line and the streamliner to go down on the course. Guy was completely uninjured in the incident, however the streamliner will now require a full inspection before any further runs can take place.

"It's one of the challenges of Land speed racing - the salt surface can be so unpredictable. We'll fully inspect the streamliner and get ready for the next phase of our attempt" commented Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner designer Matt Markstaller.

Rider Guy Martin added "It's all part the job boy, isn't it? Feeling our way. I guess if it was an easy thing to do everyone would have done it by now. So we'll get a plan sorted and get on with the next go at it as soon as we get the chance."


TT Legend Guy Martin and the Triumph Motorcycles Land Speed team have spent today making final preparations for the next stage of their Land Speed Record attempt at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Plans for the day included the required FIM certification pass at 300mph.

However, on heading up to the start of the course, with the streamliner under tow the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner passed over a rut in the track at the two mile marker.The rut and the soft surface caused the Streamliner to fall onto its side. Guy sustained no injuries and the machine was undamaged bar a number of minor scuffs to the body.

The team were quick to bring the Streamliner back to the pit area to carry out an assessment and begin preparations to run again. Shortly after course officials informed the team that the course was to be closed for the evening for all motorcycles due to the conditions.

The team will now continue to prepare the Streamliner to run tomorrow. Both the team and Guy look forward to returning to the salt flats to continue the next stage of the Land Speed Record challenge in the morning.

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16/09/2017-The sun is out at Bonneville this morning and the Triumph Motorcycles Land Speed team are well into preparations for today’s attempt to set a new motorcycle land speed record.

The team arrived this morning to beautiful sunny conditions and much improved track conditions. A number of the car competitors have already undertaken their first passes of the day and the team has confirmed that the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner will carry out its first run of the day at 11:30am.

“Spirits within the team are very high today and everyone is looking forward to getting our Land Speed Record attempt underway this morning.” comments Matt Markstaller, Crew Chief and Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner designer.

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La Triumph Motorcycles ha detenuto il titolo di “Motocicletta più veloce del mondo” dal 1955 al 1970 eccetto per un periodo brevissimo, di soli 33 giorni. Gli streamliner Triumph che si sono succeduti sulla vetta del mondo sono stati il Devil’s Arrow, il Texas Cee-gar e il Gyronaut X1, quest’ultimo con una velocità di ben 245,60 mph (395,28 km/h). Il record attualmente in vigore è di 376,363 miglia orarie (605,697 km/h).

Triumph ha chiamato Matt Markstaller e Bob Carpenter per formare una squadra e ripristinare la tradizione di Triumph Motorcycles nelle gare di velocità. Markstaller è ingegnere aerodinamico, Carpenter ha costruito il motore ad alte prestazioni; a guidare il Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner, costruito per questo obiettivo specifico, nella corsa del record sarà Guy Martin, che ha preso parte al Tourist Trophy sull’Isola di Man e detiene numerosi record di velocità. Il Team internazionale si ritrova a Bonneville Salt Flats, un lago salato di 40 miglia quadrate nella regione nordoccidentale dello Utah, con l’obiettivo di superare la soglia delle 400 miglia all’ora e battere così il record.

La Triumph infor Rocket è dotata di monoscocca in carbon kevlar e due motori turbo Triumph Rocket III che generano oltre 1.000 CV. La moto è lunga 7,77 metri, larga 0,6 metri e alta 0,91 metri circa, un vero razzo su due ruote alimentato da metanolo. La motocicletta gareggia nella categoria Divisione C (motociclette streamliner).

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